Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whenever I flood feelings in strange dark purple suspicion, I swoon to life entirely.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

friend, how common it is
for us to work side by side
every day at ease with our labor
but to reveal my murky depth
alone before the world
is sad and serious
I dreamed of pretty poses representing romance
but a wall of hard sense
set its stick down.Wanderers, your drama is played out in real cold
and death is a relief
around the corner
all I do is worry,
will strength make me distant?
life is a rush
outside the eternity
of benediction.
The smiling Sun sees everyone as a child
but night time too sparkles in daydreams
the woman who looks out at the world from her home
has achieved so much,
but cranes to see distant visions, and the arrival of powerful allies.
Beauty as it is, beckoning and human
must never force itself forward
To hide somehow in all that is safe and good,
or to fret over the spindly growth she has worked so hard over?
The holy water that heals is near,
I'll just take half a cup.
Here we have it
and it makes a pedestal
and a fence with garlands
in former times we were rich
in love
yesterday the mind
and now we gather guns in
the rubble.
The brooding moon sends
dashing bats
and mysterious bottles
a path is clear
and a heart alive
if the nightmare ends
will I have to wake up?
my searching and spying
are one thing
the tune I play for the angels dance,