Sunday, February 28, 2010

Electric energy
that needs to be resolved
in demure behavior
rooted in the stolid
(with a wink)
harrowing hardship
sternly pointed
to the silver lining
Oh Devil of lusts that can
never be sated
thirsts never quenched
you have horns and feathers
The mask that dazzles
but then I'm hand-on-hip
to your tricks
I grant benedictions all day
with a frown that
wows the crowd
shall I be as innocent as ever?
I'll duck the pricks
and round out.
even the sun has nerves in it's smile.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Glory, you are a puzzle
a grape that strains to reach the fox.

The spray of the waves
on a seaside day
doesn't seem to suggest
the depths of the ocean
Depths that hold loves object still.

Rest is restored in privacy
where objects keep you company.

Cagey with an embarrassment of riches
regretful of my own power to hurt
everything speeds by.
I hope and fear to stop[
Always looking from a high vantage point
I can't breathe until a certain time on the clock.
Pray-er you think into great voids
beset by everything
but the secret singing grace is your origen
Divine idea-the idol that drains
Divine water
now is angel seated on her haunches.
there are mighty lies to be toppled
before we are children again
Now we see ourselves mere businessmen of life
While all the cosmos reels
with hair in the wind and heartbeat.
Dreams- the beginning of everything
but beginnings that never proceed,atrophy.
Clear mind deliver us our deep authority.