Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mt futility and the wisp of hope
are swallowed by the saint who walks down the road of water.
the sad little garden that cost me so dear, won from total barrenness
and regal Justice raises her standard
I must wait a minute
for the love letter to arrive
my mind will be clear of clouds
the soul of time is in my house
to bend and bow
(I hope and fear)
to work with the warp and waft of the world

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hell came flying

the load of blast
hell is so fast
hell is so slow
held in hells hand
handed over to hell

How Heaven hovers
that is the float motion
the strawberry buoyancy
the buoyancy ocean
of potent love potion
of dust moats in light beams
I came apart
into flocks
that flew to and fro
that is the symmetry
that interests me
whenever I wonder
how high is heaven?