Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The path through the woods was meandering, and the trees in that forest were very old. Serenity had taken up permanent residence there. Landine liked walking, alone,in her new outfit, warm in the sun and cool in the shade.She sang to herself and thought things to herself. She thought it would be nice if people in town would put on a play or a pageant. The stage of the town hall had curved steps on each side, and she imagined children in silk dresses and ivy crowns approaching each other from the two directions with arms swinging gracefully, and dancing twirls and reels on the big wooden stage with it's drooping velvet curtains. Maybe on the sort of summer evening when those towering windows would be open and all the townspeople sitting quietly would be at peace in the breezes. Some people could recite poetry, and maybe she would sing a song, maybe the song she had just been singing on the path, "The Gypsies, the Jugglers, and the Clowns".She briefly wondered what Milo would think of a night like that, and figured she wouldn't force the point if he didn't want to go.

Down the path she heard a clamor, a thudding and swearing at a distance. From a cloud of dust she saw a three wheeled adult bicycle approaching. Speeding bumpily down a slight incline she saw the mayor of the town, sweat flat mullet slightly lifted by the momentum. He pulled to a stop with palpable relief. "Landine, Landiiine, a penny for your thoughts." He said this with a smile full of mixed feelings.

" I was thinking of a summer pageant at the town hall"

"Well, my dear, if you were willing to be at the helm of a planning committee, I'm sure a reasonable budget could be provided for expenses such as snacks and costumes."

"well, I'd really just begun to think about it."she frowned, and yet she felt happy.

"Submit the plans to me and I will read and re-read them with fascination. A dream, a hope, a whisper of culture, taking the holy mantle of the proud founders of Cabinville"

He gave her a serious and thoughtful look. They nodded at each other.

He reluctantly hurtled on.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The proportion of the universe
comes as a shock
rude to sweet interludes
those feet are planted in dizzying death
the beauty former
and disappointment latter
your victory must be invented
on pure bravado
no chains or fetters
as everything withdraws without you
our fondest dreams dance on our deepest fears
to wait forever by a cliff
one step high
to wait forever
to again wait forever

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cabinville had an orderly grocery store with liquor behind the counter,and a hardware store with a toy aisle. Other than that the down town had 5 empty storefronts, town hall, a library in Greek revival style, a thrift store, a sportswear store and a boutique.Entering that boutique, Landine felt that she was stepping across a threshold of time and space into another world. A carpeted world of hats and shoes and perfumes, meant to provide powerful women with the very specific supplies needed for their charmed lives.When she went in she was so focused on the mysterious nature of this reality that she wasn't her usual friendly self with the shopkeeper, even though she'd known her pretty well in high school.Landine knew that if she was arrayed in this finery, Milo would become a love-slave to her. He liked her plenty now, but if she stepped out with him in clothes like that, he'd watch her all night and take her home early. His hands would float on her skin as if the only thing stopping them from melting into one was the electric current between them. Her sigh stirred the silk of the blouse she was looking at. She went up to the counter and spent ten dollars on a silver tube of red lipstick. She crossed the street to the thrift shop with a strong feeling she'd find something wonderful there. Stepping in she saw her friend Lulu behind the counter, erasing old price tags so they could be used again. "Landine, I'm so glad you came in, Penny said if you fill in for her on Thursday you can have anything in the store for free,but she can't pay cash unless you have a real busy day"
"oh that'll be fine Lulu, I'd probably just spend the cash here anyway."
She turned to the racks of clothes with an air of authority.
In terms of finding an outfit that suited her she moved with reckless certainty.Within five minutes she was holding a silver skirt that had once been part of the three piece set for a mother of the bride, a top with spaghetti straps that was Milo's favorite color, and low heeled sandals with x's on each buckle.She went into the changing room and put on the outfit, combed her hair and put on her new lipstick."I'm gonna wear this now Lulu, you just take the tags and I'll square things up Thursday". She stepped out into the spring day a little under dressed for the weather, but a fine sight to see.She could walk all the way to the cabin on the old path through the woods just feeling the warm and the chill of spring.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the ego, beautiful, but naked
is hurt by peering into the future
things dreamed of in the warmth
are thought of in the still and cold
but love and high regards oversee this process
and next, lady wisdom relaxes.
Though the Pharaohs heart is hardened
against my slap dash song
I dare hope for dignity
at least alone
the crown of the future is the curse of the present
bullys will always knock off my lovely hat,
thereby reducing me to hideousness.