Sunday, September 26, 2010

suspension, maintaining a semi-permanent reversal, through will power
without the right information
encounters a suprising win, complete with a smug sweetness, examining the prize
visions visions
the march that surmounts
and real results
I am pure water sky soft
I am winsome winding
I want to wait
I don't want to wait
love send me a letter
leep steed
when evil fascinates the innocent
the devil is dismantled.
a message surrounded in luminous blue
transports the reader whose interest is piqued
tiger striped action seems so bold
to we who have waited so long
and charged forward in a dash of sudden bravery
oh to time our steps and gestures to be pretty together!
while we hang by our toes
our fingers trail gracefully along the ground
well do we know our sweet ideals
proletariat ladies
who bend with kundalini grace
life's gift we hardly dare unwrap
a bowing beauty bends before the bath.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

at heart, a heart
treasured as a petted darling
from singing silence sprung
the steady solid senator
a high mind covers a multitude
of inconveniences
dashing dashing
receiving letters
I wish I were a fool
I wish I were a fool
bent forever
beneath the beams
of the sun