Thursday, December 31, 2009

My face is boiled in a frown.
Now my face is cool and free.
What is it like to be relaxed?
I'm bushwacking through life.

Monday, December 28, 2009

my crown is a circle
my gaze, full of calm feeling-but
how can I follow a plan
with this history of caution and suspicion?
a voice of bold seniority,
a mind paused in a stern stand-off
will thaw into fluid and sure action.
I am the mystery across the river from the town,
but high society will bend to kiss my hand
Looking at youth well spent
and approaching something more
a moment at the gate, under the grand feather.

reflection, boldness, the magic act.

possible new years resolutions

Always reading poetry and novels
being a home body
piano lessons
letter writing
relentless expungment of imagined judgments
remembering"who wags the dog" or Apply Your Mind
Shambala study
Build House
Plant cover crops and spread compost
go to new york more
daily plans and lists
I look out the window, enchanted by the falling snow. By enchanted, I mean-my heart is suddenly eased of its reactions to my preoccupations, it feels simplified. My present problems(meaning the things I feel defensive and uneasy about) are with people who are angry or contemptuous of people who don't believe the same things that they do. I guess that everyone must be a little guilty of that, because I am feeling angry that so many people don't value the ethic of minding their own business when it comes to matters of personal belief and inclination. I suppose the people who I am angry at have every right to believe they should come out with axes swinging, and it's my job to care for my own well being by sidestepping them and not angrily trying to convert them to the belief that they should leave me, and everyone else who thinks differently, alone.