Monday, July 25, 2011

the body at ease. leaned. the woman in a pen. All this and more shied away by glances of perfect perfume. As daltons of paragraphs collapse, damned by the tendency to repeat myself.I slam. but easy slam. round about what the eyes were surrounded by. what I mean by slam is am.lotus in the onus. winded in gasps. a relic of what is grasped.Mother, we chose the same chinese wallpaper. petted and petted and petted and stroked, it was an unlovable dog. good god. the worst named thing is jellyfish, which should be called AngelGod. The spirals and coils that delight profoundly regardless of the sting. Swat at the distracting,darling- I am distracted by that. The juggernaut made a thousand swats.The hands shaped like how they cup the face.While I twine, lovers dine. My fate is to be a pool.Wind, relax my strap. Lover, my bossy harmless. I entreat in perks.

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